The most fun
business game out there!

featuring G.O.A.T.s of the Biz world.

Time to make them work for you!


Launching in Feb 2022 - Drop your email below for early bird discount, and opportunities to playtest!

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A satirical card game to build billion dollar businesses

2-4 Players

15-30 Mins

Ages 14+

Silly Valley is a strategic card game, full of meme worthy pop-culture references 

& interactive quirks. Become the biz gawd u were always meant to be. 

Build your billion dollar startup with G.O.A.Ts of the biz world.

Here, Elon(u know who), Jack(not the real ripper), Warren(yep, the super rich one) & many more, all work for you! Attack your frenemies, steal their teams and strategies, to become friends enemies again

Cool Startup Unicorn

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